Australian Entertainment Services

Tribute Acts

As a corporate entertainment organization, we bring to you a great selection of tribute acts from different parts of the world. This is a great way of listening and seeing your favourite artists without having to pay the price to a celebrity show. Tribute artists are individuals that specialize in replicating celebrities around the world.

Tribute artists are not only lookalikes they also have similar personalities and characters of your favourite celebrities.

We have a great selection of tribute artists that can be well suited for your corporate event and other shows. With the presence of a tribute artist, you will be having the performance of your favourite celebrities without going through the hassle of getting the artist in question.

Tribute acts also offer a great avenue of recreating legendary acts and music shows of artists that are no longer alive or no longer in the industry. As it is now impossible to see a live performance from legendary artists like Michael Jackson, or an original show of the Beatles, the closest thing to this is the presence of tribute artists making these performances while sounding like the real artist.

Let us recreate your corporate event in grand style by kicking it back in time to unravel legendary shows f-rom iconic acts. Enjoy amazing hours of the live performance of The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beach Boys, and other spectacular tribute artists and bands.

Our well-selected tribute artists will be a great addition to your corporate dinners, awards night, and other social function, as the guests not only stand in awe but also join in reciting tunes of classic hits from their favourite artists performed as tribute acts

Australian Entertainment Service has a wide range of tribute acts and shows that involve some of the most popular musical artists in the world. A selection of these acts are:

  • Kylie

A remarkable tribute act made to represent Australia’s princess of pop, Kylie Minogue is the musical piece ‘On A Night Like This. Kylie has astonishing record-breaking acts as well as awards to highlight her musical career.

  • American Trilogy

This five-man team of professional musicians and vocalists brings about a beyond recognition performance of favourite artists like the Eagles, Doobie Brothers, and Beach Boys. They deliver one of the most authentic and live recreation of renowned American bands.


Abbaration recreates the high-energy show of the 70’s disco performance as they perform great hits from the Swedish group with a fine selection of disco tracks. Abbaration sweeps your audience off their feet as they swing to the tune of the party of the decade.

  • The Beatels

Nothing rocks your show more than listening to Australia’s finest tribute from the popular music of the legendary Beatles. The Beatels bring back memories as they recreate the style and sound of the popular group.

  • The Three Tenors

The three tenors are a group of unique tribute artists as the three artists have a striking resemblance to famous artists. Topping the list is Angelo Falcone with a close resemblance to Pavarotti and has uniquely performed as “Pavarotti”, the other two members of the group are also look-alike of other artists stirring an energetic audience.