Australian Entertainment Services

Solo, Dui, Trio Acts & DJs

For your next corporate event, you might decide on varying performances that will accompany your highlight of the event for the day. One of the top options for performance is the use of musical acts for the day.

Musical acts for a corporate show can either come in a different form, such as a Solo performance, a duo performance, a trio act, or even a band made up of more than 3 members. You also require the service of a professional DJ to keep the atmosphere lightened up and also smoothen musical transmissions.

Solo Acts

As a top-tier booking agency for performers and acts, we carefully select solo musicians that are the best act for your event. Our chosen solo musicians perform different arrays of the genre from acoustic singers, jazz, etc.

They are capable of performing music from different decades, as well as contemporary musical acts. A solo performance is not only centered around singing but also, we have a fine selection of guitarists, saxophonists, pianists, violinists, etc.

Some of our best performing solo artists for your shows and events include:

  • Andrew Williams
  • Brian Chapman
  • Chris Buxton
  • Claire Dillion
  • Coby Grant
  • Dan Nation Solo; and many more acts.

Duo and Trios

For a large audience in your corporate event, a duo or trio act can be a thrilling one as there is a creation of a symphony of different voices and acts. At Australian Entertainment Service, we work to have a fine selection of duo and trio performance for our clients that prefer this to the single or solo act.

The duo and trio still retain the standard of performance as we have retained for our solo artists. They will bring a wide range of performances with a lot of flexibilities to connect with the audience.

Some of our fine selections for the duo and trio team include the following, you can consult with us to get more local and international great acts.

  • 21/20: The popular 21/20 is a duo type of group with varying numbers of performances across Melbourne’s live entertainment scene.
  • Alegria Duo: Alegria duo is a very versatile duo with a twist of Latin to it. The two members of the group, Penny and Martin are musicians with many years of experience. Penny serves as the lead singer and vocalist, with Martin as a keyboardist and saxophonist.
  • Dough Boy Duo: Sam Vandenburg popularly known by the stage name Doughboy is in a musical duo with Sarah Tonner. Both artists have gone ahead to deliver great acts while entertaining the excited audience.
  • 3 Sum: the group consists of a 3-piece band, with two vocalists and a keyboardist. With a male and female voice as vocalists, the trio can cover a variety of music from ballads to up-tempo.
  • Shine: This is another trio that has their band common throughout Melbourne with their fine acts. They play from cool jazz to more electrifying dance music tailored to suit your audience.


In addition to your selection of live musical performances, we always recommend the presence of a DJ to add to the color of your event.

The presence of a DJ allows you to reach a broad spectrum of musical ranges, from chilled cruising jazz to a high up-tempo. We have a fine listing of  DJ that can play at your corporate event.