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Perhaps this is always a topping to the well-planned and exciting corporate event. For any event planned out, there should be a keynote speaker most times in the media and sports space.

Most individuals that serve as speakers from the media and sport sector are regarded as celebrities, having this caliber of people at your event spices up the day as your guests are excited to have such personalities present and hear them speak.  

Celebrity speakers are always considered important in corporate events as they can be contracted to have keynote presentations at your large corporate events, either the presentation is tailored to the employees or different stakeholders invited for the function. They can also handle presentations at large conventions, or present awards at an awards night.

Whatever the role you want a media personality to take at your corporate event. We assist in the booking and hiring of celebrity speakers for your event. As a perk of years of our experience in the corporate entertainment industry, we are relevant in the booking of media and sports personalities, we also ensure that our clients secure their choice of a celebrity speaker, and do not overpay for service charge.

When your team decides on a choice of a celebrity speaker, we take it up from there to contact and reach out to the managers of the proposed speakers and secure a deal. If you have been unable to decide who to invite as your celebrity speaker, don’t worry, we have got you covered, we can give out a fine suggestion of speakers that will be well suited for your event or performance.

We always work in your best interest as a client to negotiate ad broker a deal with a celebrity speaker for your event. Our network includes local and international media personalities, you can rest assured that we will get you your proposed speaker or offer varying options of speakers that are a great fit for your event.   

Here is a list of some top-notch media and sports personalities that we have worked with in the past and we have a great connection with. If your choice of proposed speaker is not on the list, we have a good standing relationship with quite a several other media personalities and can reach out to them for effective collaboration.

  • Brian Taylor: The famous Taylor popularly known as “BT” with his famously designed mustache. Brian Taylor had a successful football career, which makes him a reputable sports personality.
  • Dr. Chris Brown: Chris is a successful veterinarian with a lot of media personality. Chris has crafted himself to be a popular personality fitting into being the face of a show or event.
  • Ernie Sigley: Sigley transitioned from being a turntable operator to making a debut hosting of a TV commercial, to hosting a popular Australian game show.