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Festival Bands

Make a statement for your organization at your organized festival with a high caliber of musical band performances. At Australia entertainment service we bring about an intentional and handpicked jazz, rock, pop, or party band for your festival.

As a leading corporate entertainment booking agency, we top your needs and expectations with live music bands for your corporate events, the band selected are tailored to meet the theme of your festival. We are trusted with providing corporate entertainment that will create the right atmosphere for your event and will bring your guests dancing and rocking to their favourite local and international tune.

Our top leading bands offer a wide range of options to cater for the high swing events and for those that require acoustic bands. You will find the perfect act that matches your event with us.

Musical bands

We work with a wide number and range of different musical bands to add colour and spice to your corporate event

21/20: A Melbourne-based cover band. The musical band delivers an evening full of entertainment that is unique to you and your guests, music ranges from classical music to more recent ones.

The band has performed both nationally and internationally, showing vast dexterity in swinging the mood of the audience to a lively one.

Abbaration: The high-energy disco group has what it takes to rock your corporate function with a varying tune of discography. Watch your event turn to a roaring crowd of cheering audience with the electrifying presence of the musical band.

The music band will throw in classical music that will get your attendees into the full life of the party.

Baker Boys: The team is made up of young music professionals who are experts when it comes to the matter of live music performance. The team size can be easily customized to accommodate your need for the big day, from a number ranging from 3 to 14.

Your corporate event is about to take a turn as the Baker Boys band infuses energy, fun, and pride at the performance floor.

Big City Beat: This is another music band that takes live musical performance to the next level. Big City Beat is an ultimate entertainment music band from Brian Rault.

One of the things that stands the Big City Beat band out is the show-off of their costumes and well-rehearsed choreography, this places the band at the edge to interact with the audience and keep their energy on the high side.

DEJAVU: This musical band comprising 10 performers has over 10 years of experience in the entertaining audience at various corporate events. The band has a record-high number of performing to tens of thousands of people at different events.

The DEJAVU band will entertain your guests and preserve the ambiance of your event.

Pure Logic: The amazing musical band brings about a unique performance on set stage to keep up the entertainment of guests. The band is popularly known for its spontaneity on stage, delivering both male and female vocals to cover songs of different genres and eras.