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Corporate Entertainment

Australian Entertainment Services top the act of providing booking services for quality corporate entertainment acts, performance, and function bands. We set out to create an ambiance for your corporate function and different type of events.

We can select appropriate corporate and contemporary entertainment to suit your corporate function and we also have multiple corporate artists listing with a wide range of performers.

Corporate Entertainment Events

Various corporate events are hosted in large conference rooms or convention centers, it can also be hosted in smaller facilities depending on the type of event and the size of expected guests.

The concept of corporate hospitality involves providing food and drinks, as well as a form of entertainment at corporate events.

Awards and Gala event

As a corporate organization, whenever milestones are achieved as a team it is usually celebrated. Awards events are quite lavish and grand in style. Alongside celebrating accomplishments or recognizing the achievements of team members, it can also serve as a means of a fundraiser for a specific cause.

The setup of the event also allows networking among various workers and professionals.

Conventions and Conferences

A conference in a corporate setting refers to a meeting whereby participants or professionals exchange their views on different concepts. In such kind of situation whereby participants are focused on learning and networking a well-designed form of entertainment is necessary for break sessions.

Team Building

Activities crafted to increase team bonding and interpersonal relationship among co-workers in any corporate organization often include sports like soccer, volleyball, etc.

The goal of corporate entertainment in team building is to have the team reflect on their strength, identify weaknesses, and work through the opportunities to be leveraged as a team.


A fundraising event is a type of event planned with so much precision to prevent flops or things from falling apart. The perfection of this event is tied to the purpose of trying to ask for money from a group of people to support a particular goal.

The entertainment plan runs right down from food and drinks to performances, one of the best means of creating magical and special moments is the use of music and other top-notch entertainment act

Charity Events

During charity events organized by corporate organizations either to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or to interact with the community, a form of entertainment is required to give the event a memorable taste.

Virtual Entertainment

There has been a rapid increase in the request for virtual entertainment to accommodate the fact that most corporate events hold online. The trend in virtual events brings about the need to create a semblance of physical meeting and events. Australian Entertainment Service, as the leading booking agency of corporate entertainment we commit to provide you with top entertainment acts to perform at your virtual events and add the taste of the fun to it.