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Carnival Rides

Corporate events can also include a variety of activities during the next planned event. There can be a break from conventional and routine way of doing things, so abandon the boring nature of your company’s picnic and hangout

As a top expert in corporate entertainment, we are here to help you plan that amazing hangout and event that gives your employees something to look forward to as well as show your customers and clients how important they are to you and how you and how you appreciate them.

Add spice to your next event by including fun carnival rides that are designed to keep the entertainment for you and your employee at the maximum level.

Event party rentals

From a backyard kind of setup to a large-scale event, we have got you covered with rentals for your employees and customers carnival rides. Rentals, apart from tables, chairs, and party tent rentals, include carnival and amusement ride rentals. We offer different rides like:

  • Ballistic carnival swing ride: Enjoy the fun of being on a ride that slowly picks up speed giving an ecstatic feeling. The ballistic swing ride can seat up to 16 adults or about 20 children.
  • Bungee trampoline: Experience the feeling of getting thrown up and flipping in the air on a bungee trampoline while attached to a bungee cord. The bungee trampoline comes in different sizes that can allow up to 4 people to bounce up at once.
  • Dual mobile ziplines: Swing across a wide area by latching safely on our dual mobile zip line. The zipline is setup up to the height of about 30 ft and does create a memorable experience.
  • Pendulum swing: Another super fun ride with team members is the pendulum swing. The pendulum swing allows about 12 people to swing happily at the same time.
  • Rock wall: Is your event focused more on team building. Watch how teammates compete out on the rock wall. Climbers will enjoy the fun of hiking over the tall rock well while testing out endurance rates.
  • Super slide: A super slide crowns the fun of the day with people screaming happily as they swirl down from our super hard slide.

Team building

Productivity at work spikes better with some extracurricular avenues of bonding with team members. Planning a team-building event will bring out more collaborative effort among team members, as they carry out fun activities on different rides and games.

Employee appreciation

After a long working year or period, you might want to celebrate achievements and milestones. Employees’ efforts for the year are also appreciated by bringing together employee and their families. This creates a natural and fun-centered event, spiced families taking turns in our carnival rides like the pendulum swing, trains, or the super slide.

Holiday parties

Plan that perfect party and end-of-year function with the entire company staff members. We provide you with different adventure-seeking and fun-loving carnival rides to set a tone for your holiday party.