Australian Entertainment Services

Audio & Lighting Productions

At Australia Entertainment Service, our task is not only limited to getting artists to be featured for your events, we also go the extra mile of planning every little bit of the entire event, for your event to come out as glamourous without any hitch. By working with us we can guarantee you a perfect event whereby the stress of detail planning is removed from your planning team, while we work tirelessly to bring to life your proposed idea for the corporate event.

We follow through from the stage of getting the perfect location for your show depending on the type of event to be hosted, we also go through the process of on-site production to give assurance to the quality of the event.

Whether it is a large or small event, we also see and cater to the need for audio and lighting production for your event. At Australia Entertainment Service we give you the production services for your corporate event, either the audio system for the musical group or lighting for the band/performer we will be at every step of the way to assist you and bring about professional supplies.

Audio production

For every great show and performance, the sound quality is not one to take lightly, the sound flow has to be smooth and flawless as much as possible to allow an easy transmission from the speaker or the artist to the audience.

We work with our years of experience in the corporate entertainment industry to work with professional suppliers for quality audio production equipment. Some of the common equipment necessary for successful events are:

  • Amplifiers
    • Microphone
    • Mixer Accessories
    • Sound Mixer
    • Speaker
    • Speaker Accessories

Aside from the supply of the necessary audio production equipment, we facilitate the installation of the equipment in the venue set up for the event, we ensure the sound quality and capacity match up with the size of the venue.

Lighting production

The beauty of the event centre, as well as high performing band, is not complete without a well-lighted room.

We know what it means and takes to have a well-lighted event centre that supports an electrifying atmosphere. We deal with the new touch of technology present in the lighting industry to cater to the needs of your event and give a representative ambiance of your corporate setting in the production and installation of light. From floodlight, spotlight, to the LED screen we know just the right mix needed to add a splash of colours to your stage and venue.

By working with us on audio and lighting production, we work directly with our performers to have every requirement needed for a successful performance ticked out of the way. You get to sit back and enjoy a smooth-running show.